Sunday, March 22, 2015

MH4U Melding Endgame Charms

Are you tired of doing charm hunting? Or need a lot of Crystals but doesn't have enough? Well here is a way of getting it cheap and fast.

Halcyon Melding Requirements:
1 Frenzy Shard
1 Frenzy Crystal
1 Vile Frenzy Crystal
3 Timeworn Charms
2 Dragon Talisman}
1 King Talisman    } for higher chance of getting Timeworn Charms

Juju Melding Requirements:
3 Vile Frenzy Crystals
3 Pure Frenzy Crystals
Check my Melding Pot post for the required charms. 

1 .Have a Well Done Steak or Rare Steak on you Item Pouch.
2 .Save your game.
3. Take the quest "Steak Your Ground."
4. Talk to Maximeld XIV and choose either Halcyon or Juju Melding.
5. Select Talismans according to the requirements above.
6. Start the quest.
7. Deliver the steak.
9. Check the melded talismans.
10. Did you get what you are looking for?
      a. If no, reload your game WITHOUT SAVING and repeat step 1
      b. If yes, Save.

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