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MH4U Melding Pot

Once you clear the Village 5-star quest that pits you against a Gravios, you will go to Cathar, the village in the sky. There you will find the adorable Maximeld XIV, a cute kid with a frog on his hat, who can craft random charms for you for the right materials.

Mystery Charm (sliver icon)
Rarity 1: Pawn Talisman
Rarity 2: Bishop Talisman

Shining Charm (yellow icon)
Rarity 3: Knight Talisman
Rarity 4: Rook Talisman

Timeworn Charm (red icon)
Rarity 5: Queen Talisman
Rarity 6: King Talisman
Rarity 7: Dragon Talisman

Distorted Charm (orange icon) (guild quests LV86-126/melding pot)
Rarity 8: Unknowable Talisman
Rarity 9: Mystic Talisman

Enduring Charm (Blue icon)
Rarity 8: Hero Talisman
Rarity 9: Legend Talisman
Rarity 10: Creator Talisman

Graven Charm (green icon) (guild quests lv126+ ONLY)
Rarity 10: Sage Talisman
Rarity 10: Miracle Talisman

Okay, now here are the methods for Melding you can use:
Mystery Melding
Makes 1 Mystery Charm.
Cost: 1 Frenzy Shard + 3 Pawn/Bishop Talismans

Luminous Melding
Makes 1 Shining Charm.
Cost: 1 Frenzy Crystal + 3 Knight/Rook Talismans

Ancient Melding
Makes 1 Timeworn Charm.
Cost: 1 Vile Frenzy Crystal + 3 Queen/King/Dragon Talismans

Fabled Melding
Makes 1 Enduring Charm.
Cost: 1 Pure Frenzy Crystal + 3 Hero/Legend/Creator Talismans

Halcyon Melding
Makes ??? number of ??? Charms.
Cost: 1 Frenzy Shard, Crystal, Vile Crystal + 3 Pawn~Unknowable Talismans

Juju Melding
Makes ??? number of Timeworn/Enduring Charms.
Cost: 3 Vile/3Pure Frenzy Crystals + 3 Pawn~Dragon Talismans.
Here I want to cover the two most important methods of making charms, the Halcyon and Juju Melding. Halcyon if you are High Rank, Juju if you are G Rank.

Halcyon Melding
The more “Unknowable/Mystic” Talismans (from Distorted Charms) you put in the pot, the more charms you get as a result. Put in 1 to get 3-7 talismans, 2 to get 4-7 and 3 to get 5-7 talismans. Always put in one or you forfeit all chances of getting a Distorted Charm in the results.
Results using 1+ Unknowable/Mystic Talismans:
  • Mystery: 10%
  • Shining: 45%
  • Timeworn: 30%
  • Distorted: 15%
*The more distorted/timeworn talismans you put in the higher your odds of getting timeworn/distorted becomes, goes as high as about 35% chance of a Distorted. Most people recommend 1 distorted+2 timeworn for best results or 2 distorted+1 timeworn if you can afford it.
Results are as follows:
  • 3-5 charms: Distorted/Shining/Mystery, Distorted/Mystery/Mystery
  • 3-6 charms: Distorted/Distorted/Mystery, Distorted/Timeworn/Shining, Distorted/Timeworn/Mystery, Distorted/Shining/Shining
  • 3-7 charms: Distorted/Distorted/Shining, Distorted/Timeworn/Distorted,
  • 4-7 charms: Distorted/Distorted/Timeworn
  • 5-7 charms: Distorted/Distorted/Distorted
*If you really wanted Timeworn Charms, don’t waste your Frenzy items, go on a charm marathon run or something.

Juju Melding
Similar to Halcyon Melding but you cannot use Distorted Talismans. The Dragon ones are often the best (since Unknowable/Mystic talismans deal with the rare combined skills while dragon is the bread & butter skills) so perhaps that is why.
So why is Juju so darn expensive to do Frenzy Crystal wise? Well, you are guaranteed to get either Timeworn or Enduring Charms only, that’s why!
The more Timeworn Charms you pour into the request the more charms you’ll get as a result. Put in 1 and you get 3-7, 2 and you get 4-7, and 3 and you’ll get 5-7 charms.
The number of charms you get depends on the number of Timeworn Talismans you use:

1 Timeworn, 1-2 Enduring:
Shining/Mystery/Mystery, Mystery/Mystery/Mystery

1-2 Timeworn, 1-2 Enduring:
Timeworn/Timeworn/Mystery, Timeworn/Shining/Mystery, Timeworn/Mystery/Mystery, Timeworn/Shining/Shining, Shining/Shining/Shining, Shining/Shining/Mystery

1-3 Timeworn, 1-3 Enduring:
Timeworn/Timeworn/Timeworn, Timeworn/Timeworn/Shining.
So use Timeworn/Timeworn/Shining for best results at the best price!

Credits to GaijinHunter

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